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Your Consultant is  Linda Oliver

My Story

I bought a Scentsy system from a basket party.   A year later, all the girls in the office were searching around for a Scentsy Consultant to purchase more bars, and they couldn't find anybody.   This got me curious as to what Scentsy was really about - and I began a search for a local Scentsy Consultant.  With over 200 consultants in the immediate area - it should have been easy!   I saw a display that was set-up in a local furniture business and contacted the Consultant about booking a basket party.    I picked up the testers and was on my way back to work when the LIGHTBULB clicked on!  There was something obviously going on with the SCENTS OF SMELL and the excitement that the SCENTSY was stirring up in people's emotions.   Calling back the consultant as soon as I got back,  my decision to become a CONSULTANT was making me anxious to  learn more about these products and the people behind them.  I found the SCENTSY organization to be the most caring and sharing of any DSA company I have ever dealt with.  Today Scentsy has given me a Uplifiting  Spirit  and Strong Desire to help change other people's lives - like Scentsy has done for me.  Scentsy has such a sisterhood/brotherhood that brings us together and BUILDS HAPPINESS!   SCENTSY IS TRULY  "MY HAPPY PLACE".   Come and share the SPIRIT!!!  If you have questions about our products, our parties, or our business opportunity, please email me or call me.  I appreciate your interest in SCENTSY!!!!<!--endbody-->